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If you don't want me, what will I become

‘If you don’t want me, what will I become?’ is a series of sculptural emotional portraits that speak to the experience of the body as a liminal space.

The act of producing these portraits of fragments of feminized bodies transcends the duality between the human and the environment, using the liminal space of the body to communicate and mend the detachment between the two spaces. This tactile sensibility is unique to clay, which records the lyrical manipulation of the form and suspends it in time when it is fired. 


This materiality inspires intimacy and embodiment in the process of creating these portraits, which take inspiration from the sub-natural, the tenacious life that survives the brutality of the mundane urban landscape. Abandoned and decaying with the invasion of ‘nature’, the forms perform apathetic femininity and passivity to the slow wreckage of time. 

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