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About Me.

My art is what we see when we think of the world with our eyes closed. As a ceramic artist, I often contemplate the continuity of form between the the internal and the external. This is not a stark binary, but a smooth undulation that can cradle the world. A co-mingling that reflects the experience of becoming embodied in a world distorted by time.


I am inspired by the mathematical and physical rhythms that guide the the spontaneous growth of the world and the way that they are twisted, constricted and distended by time and entropy, repeating and mirroring to form uncanny matrices. The seen and unseen are in conversation, with emotion and being impressed upon the physicality of the world. 


My sculptures are created when the environment develops a dialogue with the body, which becomes the liminal space between the mind and the world. There is no beginning or end to the work, as it is not confined to the physical space that is taken up by the sculpture and instead expands into the surrounding area, transforming it. 


This somatic memory of clay provides a visualization of the way that the body remembers, touch made permanent during the firing process. Surfaces are developed through the careful application of minerals. The metamorphosis of the material is unpredictable, and I am brought into collaboration with the raw elemental power of the earth.


I currently live and work on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations. 

A portrait of Visual artist Maya Florey standing next to their sculpture taken by Raveen Ihalage
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